The Ten Terrors
of the Underworld

With the decimation of the Underworld from Leanbow's attack on The Master, Necrolai then discovered the Book of Prophecy.  The book then led her to discovering the Inner Sanctum.  Once there, she found the Ten Terrors and informed them of the Master's latest defeat.  These beasts are giant size in their normal form, back can still take on the Mystic Force in one-on-one battles, by decreasing their size.

The Terrors have now taken on the task of fighting the Mystic Force and capturing The Light, in order for the Master to be revived.

Select a Terror

Sculpin Itassis
Matoombo Blacklance Gekkor Serpentina
Hekatoid Megahorn Oculous Magma

The Stone of Judgment

The Stone of Judgment is located in the Inner Sanctum where the Ten Terrors reside.  The stone has the power to select which Terror is given the chance to go to the surface world, and battle the Mystic Force Rangers.  The stone can also transport the Terrors to the surface, and show the battle to the other Terrors.

The Stone of Judgment was destroyed after The Master emerged from it, and decided to take matters of destruction, into his own hands.


Dark Clone Rangers

When Hekatoid was attacking the Rangers, he created these Dark Clone Rangers.  The Rangers fought hard against their evil twins, but the Red, Green, and Pink Rangers were turned into dice.  Luckily the Yellow & Blue Rangers were able to destroy the clones with their Legend Powers.

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