Villains from the Underworld


The Ten Terrors


The Master

Necrolai / Nikkie

Undead Warriors

Undead Monsters


Gates Futures Pool

These gates are what has kept the evil undead forces locked in the Underworld for so long.  However, cracks have started appearing in them, allowing the forces of evil to escape.

The Futures Pool is Dark Mystic Water that allows the Evil Underworld forces to see many different futures that may lay ahead. 
Soul Specter

Dark Virus

A Soul Specter is a Dark Magical curse that devours one's soul from the inside.  Necrolai used one on Chip.  The only way to remove a Soul Specter is through the Staff of Topaz.  Luckily, Daggeron was successful in attaining the staff and removing the Soul Specter from Chip. This virus was unleashed on the Manticore Megazord by Imperious.  It would have taken down the Megazord.  However, Koragg used his Dark Magical powers from the Centaurus Wolf Megazord to remove it.  Stating that he would only defeat the Rangers with honor.  It was thanks to this Virus that Koragg was able to regain his memories of being Leanbow, and then break free of the Master's control.
Book of Prophecy Lake of Lament
Necrolai found the book amongst the ruins of the Underworld after Leanbow’s attack on The Master.  It foretold of her finding the Inner Sanctum.  However, before Necrolai could read further into the book, it flew off and was not seen again for some time.  

Later it reappeared, and Necrolai was able to read more in it.  However, Serpentina plucked the book from the Vampire Queen, she read her destiny and allowed the book to escape once more.

It then found its was to a moping Leelee.  While feeling sorry for herself in the Underworld, the Book of Prophecy went to Leelee and she soon read that she would soon become the new Queen of the Vampires.

The Lake of Lament is similar to the Futures Pool, but much larger and used by the Ten Terrors.  Sculpin went to the lake and asked it to show him The Master.  However, what appeared to him instead was Koragg, with the voice of Leanbow.

Leanbow told the Terror that the Master would never rise up, that he would not allow it.  As the projection of Leanbow went to strike Sculpin, the fallen warrior disappeared.

Sculpin later used the Lake again, but this time to force Leanbow out of hiding.  By showing him the battle of Megahorn & Blacklance against the Rangers, he knew Leanbow would leave to aid the Rangers.


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