Magi Staffs

Owners:  Mystic Force Power Rangers
Purpose:  Defense Weapon and Magic Wand
Call Command:  Magi Staff
Used As:  Magic Wand, Sword, Axe, and Crossbow

The Magi Staffs are the Ranger's primary weapons.  For the Blue & Pink Rangers, they keep their Magi Staffs in Wand Mode.  The Red, Green, & Yellow Rangers each have a unique mode for their Magi Staffs. 

Magi Staff
Sword Mode

Owners:  Mystic Force Red Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Magi Staff, Sword Mode!
Used As:  Sword

The Magi Staff in Sword Mode is the Red Ranger's main weapon.  It can become engulfed in flames and send out great fire attacks.

Magi Staff
Axe Mode

Owners:  Mystic Force Green Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Magi Staff, Axe Mode!
Used As:  Axe

The Magi Staff in Axe Mode is the Green Ranger's main weapon.   It is capable to dealing out powerful nature blasts.

Magi Staff
Crossbow Mode

Owners:  Mystic Force Yellow Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Magi Staff, Crossbow Mode!
Used As:  Crossbow

The Magi Staff in Crossbow Mode is the Yellow Ranger's main weapon.   It is capable of firing out powerful lighting bolt blasts.


Snow Staff

Owners:  Mystic Force White Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon & Magic Wand
Call Command:  Snow Staff!
Used As:  Staff

The Snow Staff was the White Ranger's weapon.  It could send out blasts of light and also freeze evil villains.  However, when the White Ranger was defeated in battle, Koragg the Knight Wolf took the staff.

Later, when Leelee decided to prove herself good, she got the staff back and returned it to Udonna.  With the Snow Staff back in Udonna's position, all her White Ranger Powers are returned as well.

Dawn Crystal

Owners:  Mystic Force Yellow Ranger
Purpose:  Defeating the Queen of the Vampires
Call Command:  Dawn Crystal!
Used As:  Arrowhead

When the Rangers learned that Vida was still a Vampire under the control of Necrolai, they were told that only the Dawn Crystal could defeat the Queen of Vampires.  

After Udonna had retrieved the ingredients, Chip was successful in creating the crystal.  The Yellow Ranger then fired the Crystal at Necrolai.  By striking her with the crystal, Necrolai was weakened, thus allowing the Rangers to defeat her.  The spell over Vida was then broken.

However, later Necrolai returned and without the Rangers knowing, destroyed the crystal.

Sword & Shield of Darkness

Owners:  Koragg the Knight Wolf
Purpose:  Defense Weapons
Call Command:  None
Used As:  Sword & Shield

These are Koragg the Knight Wolf's weapons.  The Shield has "the eye of the master" in it, and can fire Wolf Blasts from it.

When the Red Ranger battled Koragg to save Clare, the Sword of Darkness was destroyed.  However, in its place, Koragg has took possession of Morticon's sword, and later used Dark Magic to make a new Sword of Darkness.

After Leanbow returned, these weapons were used for a short time for good.  But after Leanbow was struck down by Sculpin, the Knight Wolf armor and weapons were lost.

Sword & Shield of Fire

Owners:  Wolf Warrior
Purpose:  Defense Weapons
Call Command:  None
Used As:  Sword & Shield

After Udonna revived Leanbow with her good magic, Leanbow gained the powers of the Wolf Warrior.  With these powers, he has access to the Sword and Shield of Fire.  Much like the old weapons of Darkness, but now these weapons are much more powerful and only serve good.

Mystic Force Fighters

Owners:  Mystic Force Rangers
Purpose:  Defense Weapons
Call Command: 
0-8-6 on Mystic Morpher
Used As:  Boxing Gloves

The Mystic Force Fighters were first used by the Green Ranger, after he learned that a person's heart is what really matters, and not what is outside.  He was then given the Spell Code 0-8-6 to summon the Mystic Force Fighters.

The Fighters are powerful magic boxing gloves that enhance the Ranger's speed and agility.  They are a great weapon in battle and are capable of decimating evil undead forces.  Any of the Mystic Force Rangers can use them.

Laser Lamp

Owners:  Solaris Knight
Purpose:  Jenji's Home & Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Laser Lamp
Used As:  Blaster Weapon

The Mystic Lamp was sealed in the Sea Cave.   When the Rangers retrieved the lamp, they then took the lamp back to Rootcore and found the Genie Jenji inside.  

The lamp not only serves as Jenji's home, but the Solaris Knight can also morph the lamp into a Laser Blaster.  When it is in a blaster mode, the Solaris Knight can rub the lamp, power it up and then fire out Magical Laser Blasts.  Plus, Jenji can be fired from the Laser Lamp, in a powerful attacked called Jenji's Shinning Attack.

Mystic Muscles

Owners:  Green Ranger
Purpose:  Increase Strength
Call Command:  1-0 on Mystic Morpher
Used As:  Muscles

After Xander learned his lesson of working together with the team, the Mystic Muscle Spell Code of  1-0 (Galwit Nermax) was given to him.
  The Mystic Muscles increase the strength of the Green Ranger tremendously, thus allowing him to take down strong monsters.

Staff of Topaz

Owners:  Mystic Force Rangers
Purpose:  Drawing Out A Soul Specter
Call Command:  None
Used As:  Spell Staff

After Necrolai used a Soul Specter on Chip, both he and Daggeron had to journey to the top of Mount Isis to retrieve the staff.  After Daggeron was successful in attaining the scepter, he used it to draw out and eliminate the Soul Specter from Chip. 

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