Fire Heart

Very little was known about the Fire Heart.  The Ancients believed it to be the source of tremendous power.  The scroll for the Fire Heart was found outside the Cimmerian Forest by Nick & Vida.  Necrolai stole it from them though.

Before Necrolai could retreat, the Pink Ranger managed to get a half of the scroll away from the evil hag.  Now both good and evil have half of the scroll.  

The Rangers tried for some time to figure out what the scroll was of, then Chip figured out it was a map of Mount Feugo.  The team split up to find the Fire Heart on the mountain.  Vida and Xander managed to locate the cave where it was hidden.  Inside the cave, they found a magical puzzle chest.  This chest, once activated, had to be solved within one hour, or the Fire Heart would be lost forever.

After loosing over an hour's time in trying to figure out the puzzle, the Rangers decided to let Toby try and solve it.  Luckily their boss really did turn out to be a great puzzle solver, and he did discover the answer to unlocking the chest.  

Once the Rangers returned to Root Core, they opened the chest and found a Dragon Egg inside, but not just any Dragon Egg, the LAST Dragon Egg.  

The Dragon Egg continued to grow for some time, until it finally reached the point where it was ready to hatch.  While a Dragon book said to just crack the egg open with a hammer, Clare would not have that happen.  Jenji then instructed her to sit on the egg and wait for it to hatch.  Sure enough, the egg did hatch and this dragon appear, and it now calls Clare it's Momma.
The Rangers soon became very interested in little Fire Heart.  So much so, that Jenji became jealous of the dragon.  The genie took Fire Heart and left him out in the forest to survive alone.  After learning of this, the Rangers and Jenji went back to find Fire Heart, but he was no where to be found.  What they didn't know was Phineas had found the baby dragon and taken him in and given him the name PJ (for Phineas Junior).  The little Fire Heart then dubbed Phineas as his Daddy.  

When Phineas awoke from a nap, he was then surprised to find Fire Heart had left him.  It was then the both Clare and Phineas discovered they were looking for the same dragon, and Fire Hear then showed himself.

Now Fire Heart has grown to his full size, and is very powerful.  So far, he has helped the Rangers by flying Solaris Knight to the city, when he was needed to save Jenji.  He is also capable to transporting the Rangers to other dimensions, as he did when the Dark Wish was active.

In time Fire Heart will prove to have a great deal more powers and abilities.

After months of care and training, Fireheart's true destiny has finally come to pass.  When he and the Red Ranger join together, they form the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.

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