Mystic Force Legend Warriors

Owners:  Mystic Force Power Rangers
Purpose:  Powered Armor
Call Command:  Legendary Source, Mystic Force!
Used As:  Armor

The Tribunal of Magic granted the Rangers the power of the Mystic Force Legend Warriors, after showing that they had learned not to take the easy way in battle.

The Legend Armor increases the Ranger's Magical Powers, as well as supplying them with powerful battle armor.  To access the Legend Powers, the Rangers use of the spell code of "Galwit - Mysto - Nermax" on their Mystic Morphers.

In Legend Mode, the Rangers have access to the Mystic Lion Staffs, and they can also form the Mystic Firebird & Mystic Lion Zords.

Mystic Lion Staff

Owners:  Mystic Force Legend Warrior Power Rangers
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Mystic Lion Staff!
Used As:  Magic Wand and Staff

When the Rangers are in their Legend Armor, they have access to these Staffs.  The Staffs give the Rangers a new arsenal of Mystic spells, through a code system.

Code 1:  Elemental Magic Attack
Code 2:  Legend Warriors United Formation
Code 3:  Mystic Firebird for Red Legend Warrior
Code 4:  Mystic Lion for Green, Yellow, Pink & Blue Legend Warriors
Code 5:  Not Yet Known

Crossbow Staff

Owners:  Mystic Force Legend Warrior Yellow Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Crossbow Staff!
Used As:  Magical Crossbow

The Yellow Ranger's Mystic Lion Staff can morph into a Crossbow Mode.  In this mode it can fire out powerful lighting blasts. 

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