Red Dragon Fire Ranger

Owner:  Mystic Force Red Legend Warrior
Purpose:  Battlized Armor
Call Command:  Fireheart!  Red Dragon Fire Ranger!
Used As:  Armor

After Oculous had captured Xander, Vida, Madison and Chip, Nick was about to surrender.  But Phineas finally was able to make Nick realize that with being The Light, Nick has the power to defeat the Darkness and save everyone.  Nick then was able to join with Fireheart to become the Red Dragon Fire Ranger, defeat Oculous, and save his friends.

The Red Dragon Fire Armor covers the Red Ranger's body, and is applied on top of the Legend Mode Armor.  With this armor also comes the Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs.  These weapons are able to shoot about powerful magic blasts, repel attacking forces, and be thrown as tremendous spinning discs that can destroy any beast.  The wings of the armor retract while not in use, but when fully extended, give the Red Ranger the capability of flight.

The Red Dragon Fire Armor is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the dark forces of the Underworld.

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