Solar Streak Train

Name:  Solar Streak Train
Owner:  Solaris Knight
Powers:  Inter-Dimensional Travel
Main Megazord Formation:  Solar Streak Megazord
Megazord Piece:  Entire Megazord

The Solar Streak Train is the Solaris Knight's own personal Zord Arsenal.  The Train is summoned when the Travelion Ticket is punched with the Solar Cell Morpher.  Both Solaris Knight and Jenji combined pilot the train.  Most importantly, the Solar Streak Train is capable of Inter-Dimensional Travel, thus allowing the Rangers to travel from one dimension to another.

Solar Streak Megazord

Name:  Solar Streak Megazord
Owner:  Solaris Knight
Powers:  Strength
Components:  Solar Streak Train
Weapons:  Steam Blaster, Remote Train Cars, & Furnace Blast

When all the Solar Streak Train cars combine together, they form the Solar Streak Megazord.  This Megazord is commanded by the Solaris Knight.  The Megazord is full of powers and attacks.  Besides it's brute strength, the Solar Streak can fire steam from the smoke stack.  Plus, Remote Train Cars can be fired and tie any monster up in railroad tracks.  Finally, the Megazord can use its Furnace Blast to pull any monster into the furnace, and then destroy the creature.

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