Mystic Titans
Mystic Phoenix - - Mystic Minotaur - - Mystic Garuda
Mystic Sprite - - Mystic Mermaid

Name:  Mystic Phoenix, Mystic Minotaur, Mystic Garuda, Mystic Sprite, & Mystic Mermaid
Morphs From:  Mystic Force Rangers
Powers:  Fire, Earth, Lightning, Air and Water
Main Megazord Formation:  Titan Megazord
Megazord Piece:  
  Phoenix = Chest
  Minotaur = Main Torso
  Garuda = Wings
  Sprite = Chest
  Mermaid = Legs

Each Mystic Force Ranger can Morph into their own Mystic Titan.  By using the Spell Code "Galwit Mysto Prifior" the Rangers grow and Morph into these powerful Mystic Titans.  Each titan has a special weapon or power.  The Mystic Titans can then combine together to form the Titan Megazord.


Titan Megazord
Dragon Formation

Name:  Titan Megazord Dragon Formation
Owners:  Mystic Force Power Rangers
Powers:  Able to fly and launch fire breath attacks
Components:  Mystic Minotaur, Mystic Garuda, Mystic Sprite, Mystic Mermaid
Weapons:  Fire Breath

When the Mystic Minotaur, Garuda, Sprite, and Mermaid combine, they form the Titan Megazord Dragon Formation.  This mode allows the them to fly and shoot powerful fire blast from the Dragon's Mouth.  The Mystic Phoenix can also ride on the Dragon and battle the dark forces.

Titan Megazord

Name:  Titan Megazord
Owners:  Mystic Force Power Rangers
Powers:  Mystic Powers and Flight
Components:  Mystic Titans
Weapons:  Titan Saber

When the five Mystic Titans Morph together, the Titan Megazord is formed.  The Rangers command the Megazord, inside their chessboard style cockpit.  The Titan Megazord is able to unleash devastating Mystic Attack with the Titan Saber.  Plus, the Rangers can take the Megazord to the skies, thanks to the wings of the Megazord.  

The most powerful attack of the Titan Megazord is the Ancient Titan Strike.  The Titan Megazord flies through the Mystic Circle, summons the power of the Ancient Titans, and then soars back towards the enemy and slashes the Titan Saber.

Another powerful attack of the Titan Megazord is the Galaxy Slash, where the Titan Saber unleashes a great light slash at it's enemies.

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