Name:  Brightstar
Owner:  Red Mystic Force Ranger
- - Able to travel through all Dimensions
- - Ability to combine with Mystic Phoenix
Main Megazord Formation:  Phoenix Unizord
Megazord Piece:  Entire Body

To escape the Dimension of Wandering Souls, Daggeron used Brightstar.  This Unicorn is capable to traveling through all Dimensions, and was given to the Rangers by Solaris Knight.

With the Ranger's Legend Powers taken from them, the Red Ranger used Brightstar to combine with his Mystic Phoenix mode to form the Phoenix Unizord. 

Phoenix Unizord

Name:  Phoenix Unizord
Owner:  Red Mystic Force Ranger
Powers:  Unknown
Components:  Brightstar & Mystic Phoenix
Weapons:  Strike Staff

When the Red Ranger, in his Mystic Phoenix mode, combines with Brightstar, they together for the Phoenix Unizord.  This Megazord is similar in power to the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.  It's moves are similar and it can destroy its enemies with it's Final Strike attack.

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