Terrors of the Underworld

Sculpin is one of the Ten Terrors, and leader of the Terrors as well.  While at first Sculpin believed heavily in everyone obeying the Rules of Darkness, that soon changed.  After the Terror went to the Lake of Lament to find out why The Master had not returned, he learned that Leanbow was still around and keeping The Master from rising.  

Upon discovering this, Sculpin then decided the rules had to be broken, so that The Master could finally return.  He laid a trap of Leanbow, by sending Blacklance to help Megahorn battle the Ranger's Megazords.  The battle was shown to Leanbow in the Lake of Lament, with the Rangers loosing.  Leanbow, being of honor, and not wanting harm to come to his son, returned to the Surface World to help the Rangers.  When he did so, Necrolai was waiting.  Sculpin had given the Queen of the Vampires a Red Scale, and when Leanbow appeared, it was thrown into the Right Wolf Mouth on Leanbow's Knight Wolf armor.  

After Necrolai found where Leanbow was hiding, Sculpin took Matoombo and Gekkor with him to attack Leanbow and retrieve The Master.  Gekkor was the first to attack the warrior, however after Gekkor failed, and Matoombo succeeded in weakening Leanbow enough for Sculpin to strike and regain The Master.  With Leanbow weakened, he returned to his Ancient Mystic Mode.  Before leaving, Sculpin struck the ground, causing it to open up and Leanbow to fall in.

During the final battles, Itassis was ordered by The Master to attack the Surface World.  However, after she decided to no longer serve The Master, both Blacklance and Sculpin went to destroy Itassis for her betrayal.  After handling Itassis, Sculpin went to the Surface World to watch as Blacklance took on the Rangers.

While he was watching the battle, the White Ranger came to battle Sculpin.  The two fought, but the White Ranger was completely out matched and was demorphed.  Meanwhile, Blacklance had done the same to the Rangers.  With the other Rangers demorphed, Sculpin went to attack them, but Jenji jumped in and took the full blast instead.  Sculpin ordered Blacklance to destroy the Rangers while he took care of Udonna.  He then transported himself and Udonna back to the Underworld.

However, when he arrived back in the pit, he was met by Itassis.  Since Itassis had been nice to Necrolai, the Queen of the Vampires used her powers to revive the fallen Terror.  Itassis then turned her powers against Scuplin and destroyed him and the pit of the Underworld.

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