Terrors of the Underworld

Itassis is one of the Ten Terrors.  She seems to be one of the enforcers, of the Rules of Darkness.  When Megahorn went against the rules, and tried to battle Solaris Knight, it was Itassis who interrupted the battle, and commanded Megahorn return to the Inner Sanctum.

The Terror had to once again enforce the Rules of Darkness, as Serpentina was the one to break them.  Because Serpentina set Hekatoid to attack the Rangers, and put the odds in Serpentina's favor, Itassis intervened in Serpentina's battle and restored the Red and Pink Ranger's Morphing Powers to them.

Later, after Matoombo had been chosen by The Master to hold his energy, Itassis went with Gekkor to the Surface World.  She observed the battle between Gekkor and Matoombo, over Matoombo no longer wanting to serve The Master.  

After Matoombo, the Pink Ranger, and Gekkor escaped, Itassis offered her assistance in finding them to the other Rangers.  However, they had to answer a question for her.  Itassis explained that she was not like the other Terrors; instead of wanting power, she wanted knowledge.  Itassis asked the Mystic Force why it was that they had continued to defeat the Terrors, even though the evil forces were stronger than them.

Daggeron, Nick, Madison, and Chip explained that the reason why they kept winning, was the fact of the courage in their heart.  The fact that they are always willing to put someone else's well being before their own.  Gaining this knowledge, Itassis then transported them to the Dawn Dimension where the others were.

Itassis was later chosen by The Master to go and attack the Surface World.  Itassis did as commanded.  The Rangers arrived in Legend Armor to fight her.  The five Rangers fought hard against the Terror, and the Red Ranger even had to use the powers of the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  However, at the end of the battle it was still an even match.  The Rangers convince Itassis that if she was really different from the other Terrors, then she would not serve The Master, and only do as she wanted.  Itassis realized the Rangers were right and retreated.

Once Itassis decided to no longer serve The Master or Dark Magic, Sculpin and Blacklance went to destroy her for her betrayal.  But after the two had left, Necrolai came in.  Since Itassis had shown compassion to Necrolai, she used her powers to revive the fallen Terror.

Later, when Sculpin arrived back in the pit, he was met by Itassis.  Itassis then turned her powers against Scuplin and destroyed him and the pit of the Underworld.  Necrolai, Udonna, and Itassis then returned to the Surface World.  The former Terror attacked The Master, granting everyone time to regroup and for Necrolai to revive Daggeron, Leanbow, and Jenji.

After The Master was destroyed, Itassis stayed on the Surface World.  She joined Daggeron and Jenji in the forest, in search of more knowledge.

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