Terrors of the Underworld

Matoombo is one of the Ten Terrors.  After Necrolai found where Leanbow was hiding, Sculpin took Matoombo and Gekkor with him to attack Leanbow and retrieve The Master.  Gekkor was the first to attack the warrior, however after Gekkor failed, and Matoombo succeeded in weakening Leanbow enough for Sculpin to strike and regain The Master.  

Matoombo was later selected to go to the Surface World and destroy.  The Terror went in his giant form and began draining the city of its energy, so that he could then attack with it.  The Rangers then showed up and fought him with the Titan and Solar Streak Megazords.  However, the two Megazords were not strong enough, and the Rangers were forced out of them.

Before Matoombo left, he told the Mystic Force that if they would stay out of his way, that he would not hurt anyone.  The Rangers then split up to find the Terror.  

Matoombo was on a hillside overlooking Briarwood, when he turned around and saw a young boy about to be hit by a car.  Matoombo used his powers to stop the vehicle and save the child.  The boy thanked him by giving him the ball he had been playing with.  The Pink Ranger saw all this happen, and then went down to just talk to Matoombo.

Vida helped Matoombo realize that he really was not like the others, and that he didn't want to hurt anyone.  However, the Green Ranger interrupted them and started attacking the Terror.  Vida had to plead for Xander to stop.  Again, Vida made Matoombo realize that by conquering for the Master, that meant destroying innocent people.  Then the electricity Matoombo had been gathering returned to him, but instead of using it to attack, he destroyed the energy.

Before Matoombo could act any further, The Master's Energy flew in and placed itself inside Matoombo.  But now with the Terror not wanting to serve The Master, Gekkor felt it was time to act and went to battle the Terror Traitor.

The Pink and Green Legend Mode Rangers arrived and tried to help in the fight, but were out matched.  Matoombo and Gekkor continued their fight, and the gentle giant was struck down.  But before Gekkor could finish Matoombo off, the Pink Ranger used Solar Knight's Solar Cell Morpher to call for the Solar Streak Train.  She took Jenji and Matoombo to the Train and they left for another dimension.

As they were heading towards the Dawn Dimension, Gekkor made his way onto the Train and started attack the Pink Legend Warrior.  Luckily Matoombo was able to hold Gekkor off long enough for the Pink Ranger to banish Gekkor off the train with an Energy Vortex.

Once they made it to the Dawn Dimension, the two started heading for the Sleeping Lake.  Once there, Matoombo would be able to enter the waters and sleep for eternity, thus keeping The Master from returning.  Xander soon caught up with them, thanks to Itassis.  Sadly, Gekkor arrived as well and went to attacking again.

The Green and Pink Legend Warriors were able to hold off Gekkor for a short time, but just as the Green Ranger was about to be struck by a fierce blast, Matoombo jumped in and took the blow.  The Green Ranger was shocked, but then managed to transport the three of them away from Gekkor once more.

With the Pink and Green Rangers distracting Gekkor, with Pink's Matoombo disguise, the real Matoombo managed to make his way to the lake.  But before he could enter the lake, Sculpin showed up and struck down the fellow Terror.  This allowed The Master to gain control.  Matoombo's body grew to giant size, and was then destroyed as The Master returned to his full power and form.

However, somehow after The Master was destroyed, Matoombo was revived and returned to Briairwood.  He now spends his time at the Rock Porium with Vida working as DJ.

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