Terrors of the Underworld

Blacklance is one of the Ten Terrors.  Blacklance was first sent into battle by Sculpin's order; breaking the Rules of Darkness.  The Terror was sent to aide Megahorn in his battle against the Ranger's Megazords.  

We he arrived in the Surface World, he summoned his Stallions and Chariot.  Riding into battle, Blacklance had the advantage over the Manticore Megazord.  Just as he was about to deliver a devastating attack, he was attacked by Leanbow.  The good Knight Wolf had returned to the surface world, and was with Catastros in Centaurus Wolf Megazord Centaur Mode.  The Terror went to attack the Knight, but was outmatched himself.  Leanbow was successful in destroying the Chariot.  Then he used the Centaurus Wolf Megazord's Mystic Spell Shield to weaken Blacklance.  Leanbow then captured the Terror and transported him back to the Underworld.

During the final battles, Itassis was ordered by The Master to attack the Surface World.  However, after she decided to no longer serve The Master, both Blacklance and Sculpin went to destroy Itassis for her betrayal.  After handling Itassis, Blacklance went to the surface to battle the Rangers in his giant form.  The Rangers tried fighting off the giant Blacklance with the Manticore Megazord, but they were not powerful enough, and were demorphed.

With the Rangers back on the ground, Blacklance returned to normal size to attack them.  However, what the Terror did not count on was Nick's determination.  After Nick saw Sculpin defeat Udonna and take them both to the Underworld, he was ready for battle.  Nick morphed and battled Blacklance with tremendous strength.  The Red Ranger called for Fireheart, and had him attack.  The two then combined for the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  With the Dragon Fire Ranger powers, Nick was able to greatly weaken Blacklance. 

Nick returned to just Red Ranger mode, and the other Rangers jumped into action.  Each of them attack Blacklance with their magic.  Then all five of them attacked together with the Mystic Spell Shield attack, and destroyed Blacklance.

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