Terrors of the Underworld

Serpentina is one of the Ten Terrors.  Serpentina, like Megahorn, did not fully agree with the Rules of Darkness, and wished to take on the Rangers without being chosen.  She continued to break the rules.  When she discovered Necrolai reading the Book of Prophecy, she discovered that she was the next Terror to be chosen by the Stone of Judgment.  So, to tip the odds in her favor, Serpentina sent Hekatoid to the Surface World, to attack the Rangers and weaken them.  The Toad Terror did as he was instructed, but only managed to slime the Red and Pink Rangers, thus preventing them from Morphing.

During the next Selection Ceremony, Itassis was indeed chosen to fight.  She then went to the Surface World, in her giant form, and spread her venomous snakes throughout the city.  Solaris Knight tried to stop her with the Solar Streak Megazord, but it wasn't powerful enough.  With Nick and Vida unable to Morph, the others jumped into action in their Mystic Titan forms and tried to help Solaris, but they were still outmatched by the Snake Terror.

Nick and Vida then used their magic powers to cause Serpentina to loose her balance and fall.  Because of this, the beast shrunk herself down to normal size and went to attack Nick and Vida.  Before she got a chance, Solaris Knight jumped in and fired on her with Laser Lamp.  Solaris tried using the Jenji Shinning Attack on Serpentina, but the monster was able to strike Jenji with one of her snake, thus turning the magical cat to stone.

Serpentina told the Rangers that if they wanted to fight her, that they would have to battle her in her own Serpent Dimension, and she then escape.  Solaris Knight along with the Green, Yellow and Blue Rangers went after her, via the Solar Streak Train.  Once in the snake dimension, they split up into groups of two.  The Green and Blue Rangers were soon ambushed by Serpentina's snakes, and were then swallowed by the Terror's Snake form.  The Yellow Ranger was the next one to meet the same fate, and finally Solaris Knight did as well.

Serpentina returned to the Surface World to take care of Nick and Vida.  The two fought bravely without their Ranger powers, but were no match for the Terror.  Just as the serpent was about to strike, Itassis intervened.  Itassis removed the Slime Spell from Nick and Vida, thus allowing them to Morph again.  Again, the Terror stated that the Rules of Darkness must always be followed.

Nick and Vida then morphed to their Legend Warrior mode and fired a Dual Magic Blast at Serpentina.  The Red Ranger then morphed to the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  With the Charged Battle Staffs Attack, he was able to strike Serpentina enough to free the other Rangers.

With Solaris Knight and the Rangers together, Serpentina grew back to her giant form.  The team took her on with the Solar Streak Megazord and Manticore Megazord.  Serpentina prepared to attack the city with her snakes, but before she could, Solaris destroyed her shield with the Solar Streak Furnace Blaster.  Then others were then able to destroy Serpentina herself with Legend Striker Spin Attack.

With Serpentina destroyed, Jenji was returned to normal. 

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