Terrors of the Underworld

Hekatoid is one of the Ten Terrors.  He first went to the Surface World, under the order of Serpentina.  The toad was commanded to go attack the Rangers, and weaken them enough for Serpentina to defeat them.  However, the Terror was only able to Slime the Red and Pink Rangers, thus preventing them from Morphing later.  

He did try to take the Mystic Force on in his giant form, but just as the Solar Streak and Manticore Megazords were able to battle him, he was called back to the Inner Scandium by the Stone of Judgment.

Later, Itassis was able to intimidate Hekatoid into confessing what he had done.

This Terror later went on his own and attacked Udonna and Clare at the Lake of Lament, and captured Udonna.

At the next Selection Ceremony, Hekatoid was the one chosen to fight.  The large toad went to the Surface World in his giant form and planted his Poisonous Tadpoles in the sky.  The Solar Streak and Titan Megazords showed up and started fighting the monster.  Hekatoid tried to escape by going to normal size, but the Rangers cut him off and battled him on the ground.  The Terror got the upper hand by using his horn to transport the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink Rangers to his own dimension.

Once in his dimension, Hekatoid laid the game out for the Rangers.  They had to defeat an army of Styxoids and Hidaics before a clock ran out.  The Rangers started fighting off and defeating the army.  However, before the Rangers were about to win, Hekatoid froze all of the Rangers, except Red.  The Red Ranger morphed into the Red Dragon Fire Ranger, defeated the remaining evil forces, and thus won the first faze of the game.  He returned to the normal Red Ranger and the others were returned to normal.  

However, Hekatoid's game was not done yet.  The Rangers were transported back to the Surface World.  The Terror then created the Evil Clone Rangers to fight against.  The Mystic Force fought bravely against their evil twins, but the Red, Green, and Pink Rangers were turned into dice.  Luckily the Yellow & Blue Rangers were able to destroy the clones with their Legend Powers.

Hekatoid then transported them to the Underworld where he had Udonna.  The Red, Green, and Pink Rangers were returned to normal.  In order to retrieve Udonna, the Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord and began battling the giant Hekatoid.  For a short time the Rangers were able to regain Udonna, but the Terror again struck and recaptured her, and escaped back the Surface World.

The Rangers followed after him and continued to fight hard to regain their teacher.  But Hekatoid was still too strong, as he still retained Udonna.  Plus, before he escaped, he managed to steal the Ranger's powers from them.

After Hekatoid stored Udonna away in his secret hideaway, he checked on his tadpoles, only to discover that Solaris Knight was attempting to destroy them with the Solar Streak Megazord.  So the Terror went back to the human world, in giant form, to stop Solaris.  He fired on the Megazord, and Solaris tried to use the Furnace Blast, but the Megazord was out of power from attacking the tadpoles.  Heaktoid was then able to defeat the Solar Streak Megazord and demorph the Solaris Knight.

The monster was going to attack Daggeron in normal size, but before he could the teens show up and fought without their Ranger powers.  After fighting him none stop, they were able to wear him down enough for Nick to get the jar containing their powers.  The teens regained their Ranger powers, but Hekatoid then brought the Poisonous Frogs to their attention.  The frogs were just about to fall, but before they did, they were frozen in place and destroyed by the White Ranger.

The Rangers then morphed to Legend Mode and together with the White Ranger, they were able to combine their powers in one blast, and were finally successful in destroying Hekatoid.

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