Terrors of the Underworld

Megahorn is one of the Ten Terrors.  He does not agree with the Rules of Darkness and having to be chosen to fight the Rangers.  

Once, he went against the rules and went to battle Solaris Knight on his own.  While Daggeron and Jenji were training in the Opaque Dimension, Megahorn crashed into the dimension, in his giant form, and attacked the two.

Daggeron quickly morphed and tried to battle Megahorn with the Solar Streak Megazord.  However, Megahorn's Lizard Lasers and strength were too powerful.  Solaris was knocked out of his Megazord and down to the ground.  Megahorn shrunk to normal size to fight Solaris Knight.  During their battle, Megahorn had the complete advantage.  His attacks were so powerful, that he forced Solaris to change to his Ancient Mystic Mode.  But even with the Ancient Armor, Solaris was still not strong enough to take on Megahorn.  It was only thanks to Itassis that the battle came to an end.  Just as Megahorn was about to unleash a devastating attack on Solaris, Itassis stopped the attack and ordered Megahorn back to the Inner Sanctum.  All this caused a great deal to confusion to Daggeron, but Itassis explained that she wasn't helping him.  

When Megahorn was finally selected, he went to the Surface World in his Giant Form at once.  The Rangers jumped into action with the Solar Streak and Manticore Megazords.  But the Rangers were outmatched, and Megahorn was able to knock the Rangers out of Legend Mode.  The next strategy was for the Rangers to fight Dragon against Dragon.  They formed the Titan Megazord Dragon Formation and tried their best to take Megahorn head on, but he was still too strong.

The Mystic Phoenix attacked the Terror all alone, and though he was beaten, he did managed to find a weak point on the beast.  Megahorn blasted the Mystic Phoenix, and then the Dragon Formation, forcing the Rangers to demorph and try to regroup.  The monster shrunk to normal size to take on the Rangers, but before he got a chance to attack, the Snow Prince arrived and did battle with him.  While Snow Prince was able to hold his own, he was still weaker in the Surface World than his own Dimension.  The ancient mystic transported Megahorn, himself, and the five Mystic Rangers, minus Daggeron, to the Snow Dimension.

In the dimension, the Legend Warrior Rangers and Snow Prince tried to combine their Mystic Firing Powers, but even that was not strong enough to take down Megahorn.  The beast attacked the dimension himself, and sent everyone back to the Surface World.  

Daggeron then came back into the battle, after learning that sometimes you have to follow your gut, and do things your own way, not the ways of others.  Seeing that Daggeron had learned his lesson, the Snow Prince returned to his home dimension.  Daggeron morphed to Solaris Knight and began fighting Megahorn.  Though he fought as hard as he could, Solaris still wasn't powerful enough, thus forcing him to Ancient Mystic Mode.  Finally, with this power, Solaris found the weakness on Megahorn; the back of his neck.  He took full advantage and unleashed a powerful assault on the Terror's weak spot.  But before Megahorn could be destroyed, he grew back to his giant size.

The Rangers again took to the Solar Streak and Manticore Megazords.  That was when Blacklance showed up, by order of Sculpin.  Megahorn battled the Solar Streak Megazord, while Blacklance with his Stallions and Chariot fought the Manticore.  Leanbow arrived to help the Rangers with the Centaurus Wolf Megazord, and was able to beat Blacklance and transport him back to the Underworld.

The Solar Streak Megazord was able to hold Megahorn in place long enough, for the other Rangers to fire upon the Terror with the Manticore's Legend Striker.   Again, striking Megahorn's weak spot, the last blow was the Furnace Blast of the Solar Streak Megazord, and Megahorn was finally destroyed.

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