Terrors of the Underworld

Oculous was one of the Ten Terrors.  He was the second Terror to be selected by the Stone of Judgment.  

Oculous set out to capture The Light.  He went to the city plaza in Briarwood to lure the Rangers out.  The five Rangers quickly arrived, and Oculous offered that if the Red Ranger surrendered, the others would be spared.  After the Rangers refused, Oculous then explained his "game".  He would de-molecularize Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison, one by one.  If he did not have all four by sundown, then he would surrender.  

The Rangers then went to attack, but Oculous managed to escape.  With the Rangers looking around trying to find him, the game began, and Oculous began firing his laser from a different dimension.  Even as the Rangers tried their best to block the attacks, Nick's foot was hit by a laser and injured.  While the others tried to guard him, Xander was the first to fall to Oculous' laser.  The remaining Rangers took Nick and went to find cover.

The four Rangers were forced to magically teleport themselves to the forest.  However, with Oculous being in his own dimension, he was able to follow the Rangers anywhere they went.  He quickly took out many of the tress, and then de-molecularized Vida.  

The remaining three returned to the city, and sought cover in an alleyway.  While stopping to rest, the Red Ranger decided that he wanted to go ahead and surrender, in order to save the others.  Chip and Madison tried to convince him not to, and while doing so, Oculous fired again.  The Blue Ranger jumped in front of the blast, before it hit the Red Ranger, and was the third to be de-molecularized.

Nick and Chip then returned to the forest.  Now Nick was completely set on surrendering to the Terror.  But Chip would not allow it and tried to explain that it wouldn't be what Xander, Vida and Madison would want him to do.  Just then, Oculous fired once more, and managed to take Chip out, leaving only Nick.

Just as Nick was surrendering, Phineas jumped in and tackled Nick before he was hit by the laser.  The Troblin explained to Nick that being The Light meant that he could defeat the Darkness.  That if the Light falls, then EVERYTHING is lost.  Phineas told Nick to listen to his heart.  Then Nick realized the truth, and he knew what to do.

Nick morphed to Legend Mode, and went to the battle ground of the Great Battle.  There he called Oculous out.  The Terror finally emerged from his dimension and was ready to take the Red Ranger down, with help from Necrolai, and an army of Hidiacs and Styxzoids.  But before they could attack him, Nick called for Fireheart.  The two joined together to make the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.

With the new powerful Battlized Armor, the Red Ranger was able to take down the Undead Warriors easily.  After defeating the warriors, Nick faced off against Oculous himself.  The Red Dragon Fire Ranger charged up the Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs, and sent them flying at Oculous.  The Staffs struck the Terror numerous times, dealing devastating blows, and finally destroyed him.

With Oculous destroyed, Xander, Chip, Madison, and Vida all returned, safe and sound.

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