Terrors of the Underworld

Magma was one of the Ten Terrors, and was the first one selected to go to the Surface World and take on the Rangers.  When he arrived in the Surface World, in his giant form, he lit fire to a signal tower and explained that the humans had until the flames went out, before he would begin his destruction of the world.

Solaris Knight and Jenji jumped into action and tried to take down the giant sized Terror.  However, the Solar Streak Megazord was not enough, and was easy beaten by Magma.  The Terror then shrunk himself to take on Solaris one-on-one.  Solaris Knight was still outmatched.  

The other Rangers soon arrived and they all tried their best to defeat Magma, but even together they did not have enough strength.  After beating the Rangers, Magma escaped.  He returned later, once the flames had gone out on the signal tower.  He prepared to unleash his Volcanic Force attack on the city, but all six Rangers arrived, blasted him with their magic, and stopped his attack.

Magma then set out a game for he and the Rangers.  He lit a Radio Tower on fire and explained if he defeated the Rangers before the fire went out on the tower, he won.  But if there was just one Ranger standing when the fire burned out, they won.

The Solaris Knight and the Rangers in Legend Mode fought hard against Magma, but it was the Blue Ranger's Tidal Wave Attack that was able to finally weaken the Terror.  Though, the attack really only forced him back to his giant form.  The Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord to fight him.  But even the Manticore's Legend Striker did not have the power to destroy Magma.

The Terror was only destroyed thanks to his own game.  The fire on the Radio Tower had gone out, and the Rangers were still standing.  So, by the Rule of Darkness, Magma had to be destroyed.  So Sculpin threw his staff through the Stone of Judgment.  The staff struck Magma and thus destroyed him. 

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