Millennia ago, in a galaxy on the other side of the universe, there were two brothers, Flurious and Moltor.  They tried to steal the Corona Aurora, but the crown was so powerful, it cursed them, changed their appearance and sent them off to distant planets, imprisoning them in their own elements.

After Mr. Hartford found the Crown, Moltor was awoken and then came to Earth in search of the Crown.  Moltor lived inside the walls of a volcano with his henchmen, the Lava Lizards.

Moltor's downfall came thanks to his own brother Flurious.  After Moltor had been badly beaten in battle by the Red Ranger, he planned to attack with all his forces.  However, the Red Ranger then showed up in the erupting Volcano, ready to attack and get the Crown back.  He managed to greatly weaken Moltor, but the other Rangers pulled him out before the Volcano exploded.

Moltor barely managed to escape the volcano.  He made it to Flurious' Ice Cave with the Crown and the captured Vella.  He offered his brother the crown, as long as he could regain his strength at the Ice Cave.  Flurious took the Crown, but then froze Moltor in ice and destroyed him.

Lava Lizards

The Lava Lizards were the reptilian henchmen for Moltor.  They could survive molten lava, and had shape blade weapons.

Once Moltor was destroyed, the Lava Lizards went with him, since they could only be summoned by him.

Moltor's Monsters

The monsters below are creatures Moltor has used in his attempts to destroy the Power Rangers.  To view each monster's information, click on their picture.

Giant Sea Creature Weather Monster Valcon Beast Robot

Dragonizer Scaletex Bullox Lava Dactyls

Blothgaar Dino Robot Magmador

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