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Linear Review
Here is Bouken Silver's changer from Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger, the Gou Gou Changer.  This change is a return to the Wrist Worn Style Changer.  While it may look simple enough, this change has some special features to it.

The Close Mode is just that, just the mode that the changer is worn when not in use.

The open Change Mode is used for both Henshin and Gou Gou Vehicle Summoning.

To activate the Henshin Sounds, you just press the main, large circle button.

To use the Gou Gou Vehicle Summoning, press the "GO!" button, turn the gold dial until it clicks and a vehicle name is called out, and then press the main button.  This change has all Gou Gou Vehicles from 01 to 13.

Finally, the Mecha Formation is simple as well.  Press the "Robo" button, turn the dial to select the Gou Gou Vehicles to join together, and press the main button.  However, the only Main Mecha Formation in this Changer is the Siren Builder.  You can select other Gou Gou Vehicles, but they are just to use as Auxiliary Arm Weapons.

An extra note, is that the batteries for this changer go in the back side compartment, instead of under the device.  I thought the extra side area would add too much weight but it really doesn't.

Overall, this Changer again lives up to the expectations of the Boukenger theme.  It's great to have a return to wrist worn changers, even though the wrist band isn't as wide as ones in the past.  I highly recommend this Sentai Changer for any Sentai Collector.

Also, for those wondering, I purchased this from, and I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are wonderful sellers and treat customers great.

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