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The DriveMax Megazord, well, it's not quite what I expected.  The DriveMax is the first Deluxe size Megazord from Operation Overdrive, and has been drastically changed from it's Japanese counterpart, but more on that later.  Let's get to the review.

The Megazord is comprised of the five main Driver Zords.  The Red Ranger's Dump Drive is the largest of the five.  The Zords combined to form the Mega Truck mode, or DriveMax Megazord.  The head of the Megazord also has a combining sound, and its eyes light up.  It does have some fair amount of poseability to it, thanks to the legs and Dozer Arm.

Now to the, well to be polite, interesting parts.  The DriveMax Megazord measures about 11 1/2 inches tall.  So, unlike all Megazords before it, where they were the exact same size and scale of their Japanese counterparts, the DriveMax was redone and made from completely new moulds.  The plastic of the Megazord seems okay, but it is not the same kind of plastic that has been used for Zord & Megazords in years past.  This means that the adult collector will not be able to use this Megazord with any Japanese Boukenger Mechas.  Plus, each Zord is missing paint on some level, the most noticeable one being the Sub Driver.  

Overall, for the young Power Rangers fan, the DriveMax Megazord will probably be okay.  I do hope Bandai America makes the future Deluxe Zord Releases capable of combining with this Megazord, otherwise there may be a world of trouble.  Though, for the adult collector, I really have to recommend buying the Japanese Deluxe Daibouken (I'll have a review of it up within a week or two).  For the die hard Power Rangers collector, like me, yeah you'll probably still buy this Megazord, but it just seems like there was all too much changed for it to be good.  So basically, for kids, yes the DriveMax Megazord will work.  For adult collectors, you'll probably be better off importing from Japan.

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