Linear Ranger's
Final Mystic Force Thoughts & Thank Yous

Yes ladies and gents, yet another Power Rangers season has come and gone.  So, in sticking with my tradition, this is my own personal letter to the cast and crew of Power Rangers Mystic Force.  I hope someway, somehow, this message finds its way to the computer screens of these individuals.

            Iíll start off with the staring cast of Firass Dirani, Richard Brancatisano, Nic Sampson, Angie Diaz, and Melanie Vallejo.  All five of you together gave very good performances for Mystic Force.  You all each brought a unique style to your characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you help make these characters grow over the 32-episode year.  I thank you for your time, and great performances.

             Moving on now to the supporting cast of Peta Rutter, Antonia Prebble, John Tui, Barnie Duncan, and Kelson Henderson.  I must say that it is rare when you have a supporting cast that sometimes can overshadow the starting cast, but this ensemble was one of them.  I love each background and foreground story that you were all involved in, and feel that you all deserve just as much credit as the main stars.  I also want to note that it was very entertaining to see the return of Mr. Tui, Mr. Duncan, and Mr. Henderson.  A very great thank you to each of you.

             Finally, I need to thank the production crew of Bruce Kalish, Koichi Sakamoto, Sally Campbell, Jackie Marchand, and everyone else.  I realize that sometimes producing Power Rangers can be a very thankless job, but I can assure you that I am thankful and grateful for all your hard work and dedication.  You all go in each day and give 100% to put together something that is entertaining to not only the young, but those of us who are young at heart.  You all helped make Mystic Force a good, enjoyable season.  There are not enough words to express my gratitude to all of you for the work you do, so Iíll just say it in the simple words of thank you. 

             Well, thatís just about it.  Mystic Force is over, and was a solid good season.  It had a few bumps in the road, but an overall very enjoyable season.  So thatís it, Linear Ranger has had his final say.  Again, I thank every single solitary person that was involved in any way, shape or form with getting Mystic Force on air.  So with the last thank you being said, now itís time to turn out attention onward, as we anxiously await the premiere of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive!

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