Bandai Continues Strong With Power Rangers

The Power Rangers brand demonstrated once again its phenomenal popularity by topping the 2005 year-end sales charts. The evergreen brand, now in its 14th year, has consistently ranked high among boys' toys since being introduced in 1993 by Bandai America Inc.

For the past 13 years, Power Rangers action figures have captured the imaginations of young boys as they engage in the triumph of good over evil. In fact, the brand has been the #1 selling action figure property throughout much of the 1990's, in 2000 and 2001. Power Rangers ranked second in the Action Figures & Accessories Supercategory based on 2003, 2004, and 2005 dollar sales*, according to market information company The NPD Group. In many of those years, the line remained competitive with toys based on blockbuster movies, reinforcing that Power Rangers is a consistent "go to" brand in its category.

"Power Rangers' long-term success is a true marvel in an industry where competition within the boys' category is always at its fiercest," said Reyne Rice, a toy trends expert who has more than 25 years of experience. "Every year, the brand re-invents itself with a new theme that resonates with young boys, which contributes to its ongoing popularity. Clearly, Bandai America has demonstrated its leadership in boys' toys as a result of their success with Power Rangers.

"This brand has managed to stay on top through all of these years because it consistently taps into how boys play, while preserving the core values of good always triumphing over evil, teamwork and loyalty," said Matt Golding, director of marketing for Bandai America Inc. "We've partnered with Disney to ensure these toys bring to life what the fans see on TV. Our strong relationship continues to help kids play out the adventures of the Power Rangers. We have also greatly increased the fans' ability to interact with the brand, particularly through our official site at, which features a number of unique activities and promotions."

In the latest iteration of the Power Rangers' story, five brave young teens are called forth to take up the challenge and fight for the survival of the planet. Under the guidance of their wise mentor Udonna and the ancient Xenotome, the Book of the Unknown, these five Sorcerers embark on mystical adventures, befriend magical dragons and battle dangerous beasts. Power Rangers Mystic Force debuted in February 2006 as the dynamic 14th season of this perennially popular boys' franchise. As a major ratings and retail powerhouse, the new series airs 25 times a week on ABC Kids and the Jetix boys' action block on ABC Family and Toon Disney.

For 2007, Bandai America is planning a promotional campaign to capitalize on the remarkable 15th season. As the brand has evolved, Bandai America has increased its promotional activities and Web site interaction through such efforts as the 'What Happens Next?' Complete the Ending Web-Movie contest.

The Mystic Force toy line, which combines dragons and knights with magic and Megazords, can be found at all major retailers nationwide. This year's key items include:

* The NPD Group/Consumer Information

Source:  The Rogers Group

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