Toys R Us To Sell Exclusive
Power Rangers Anniversary Figures

09-27-06 UPDATE:

These figures are now starting to appear in Toys R Us stores across the country.  

Here are a couple of eBay links to two of the figures

Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Red Zeo Ranger

09-20-06 UPDATE:

We now have official pictures and information from Bandai America.

Bandai America Unveils Collectible Power Rangers Figures

To Celebrate the Brand’s Evergreen Success

Collector’s Dream Toy
For the first time in Power Rangers history, Bandai America is offering a set of collectible figures based on previous seasons of the popular TV show.

The 5.5” Special Edition Red Ranger figures are modeled after the current season, Mystic Force, as well as 5 of the most popular seasons from the past, including Mighty Morphin (’93-’95), Zeo (’96), Turbo (’97), In Space (’98) and Lost Galaxy (’99).  Each highly detailed figure comes with a weapon accessory, as well as a display stand for posing the toy.  This retailer exclusive is perfect for young kids who love action figures and the adult collector who grew up as a Power Rangers fan. 

By tapping into hot play trends without forgoing the property’s core values of honesty, loyalty, teamwork, and more, Bandai America’s toy line reigns once again as one of the top boys’ action brands – a feat it has done for the last 13 years.

Suggested Retail Price:  $9.99
Release Date:  September

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Red Ranger

Red Ranger

Red Ranger

Red Ranger

Red Ranger

Red Ranger



A VERY huge thanks goes out to Zenoff64 at Rangerboard.  While browsing through a binder at the TRU they work out, Zenoff64 came across the following

Since the text & pics are a bit blurry, I'll transcribe what is says.

6.  Power Rangers 5.5 High Detailed Action Figures.

Retail $9.99

Features / benefits

-Collect these Red Power Rangers Figures from 6 different seasons:  Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, and Mystic Force.

-Each highly detailed figure comes with a weapon accessory as well as a display stand.

Complementary Items and retail prices

Additional Comments

Figures also come in exclusive packaging.

The Ranger Figures shown are as follows:

Top Three from Left to Right:

Mighty Morphin, Mystic Force (With Legend Armor), & Lost Galaxy

Bottom Three from Left to Right:

Turbo, Zeo, & In Space



The release date for this first six figures are not yet know, but it is believe that they might be out before Christmas.  So we now have the start of the 15 Anniversary Power Rangers Line.  Be sure and keep an eye on your local Toys R Us stores for these gems.  And as always, I'll be sure and keep everyone posted when more develops.

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