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I've been considering getting into buying the Sentai Changers for some time now.  Mainly because, when you think about it, you are actually buying the same "props" they actually use on the show.  So I decided to start my Sentai Changer collection with the Magiranger Magi Phone.  I won this from an eBay auction held by SuperNoxic, who by the way is a GREAT seller and runs a great Sentai Toy Site.

Anyway, while I paid $48 for this gem, it was worth it.  The phone has three modes, Closed, Phone, and Wand.  Wand mode is used for the Henshin (morph) sequence, as well as casting spells.  There are many numerical codes that you can enter into the changer to activate different sounds.  The main one being 1-0-6 Enter to activate the Henshin (morph) sequence.

In Wand Mode, the Magi Phone is close to eleven inches long.  There are a few lighted areas on the item, though nothing special.  The sounds are great and clear.  The toy also comes with five other Magi Emblems to place into the Magi Phone to specify which Magi Ranger you like, or just go with the generic M Emblem.  

All together, this is a great toy.  If you're into buying Sentai Merchandise and you enjoy the Changers, I think you'll enjoy this one. 

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