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My second in my Magiranger Changers collection is the Magimother's Magi Phone.  Really, this is just your typical repaint.  Don't get me wrong though, the white and silver paint scheme on this phone look great.  Plus, the Phoenix emblem is replaced by the Magimother's Snowflake emblem.  

All the sounds are the same as the Magi Phone.  The lights are the same, including the tip not really lighting up that well.  No extras are included with the phone, but you can still put in your own emblems from the Magi Phone, into this Magi Mother Phone.  

I bought this Changer on eBay from jersellers78 on Thursday December 15th for about $50, and received it on Saturday December 17th.  So I HIGHLY recommend this eBay seller.  

Overall, this phone is cool looking and a good repaint.  Really, this is another item that only die hard collectors are going to go for.   

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