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Wow, that's a good way to start out this review.  This is the Magiranger Uza Phone.  It is done in the Wolzard Paint Scheme, though Wolzard never really uses it himself.  This changer is the prime example on how to do a repaint.

While at first glance, you might think this is just another Magi Phone repaint, you'd be wrong though.  First off, the "M" symbol is replaced by the Wolzard "W".  Plus, all the Japanese spells are completely different from those of the Magi Phone & Magi Mother Phone.  The overall look of this changer is perfect and has a great feel to it. 

I bought this changer from Toys N Joys for about $45, when you add in shipping.

This phone is an excellent addition to any die hard collectors collection. 

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