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Grip Phone




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Hmm, well this last Magi Ranger Change was a bit of a let down.  The Grip Phone is used by Magi Shine, but its uses are limited.  First, there are no spells in this changer, only cheesy sounds like bells, laughter, and a cat meow. 

My other disappointment with this changer is the cards.  You see, the Grip Phone really is a Ticket Punch, since Magi Shine's Mecha is a Train.  So Bandai Japan provides you a total of 15 Cards to actually punch a hole in; 5 Change, 5 Travelion, and 5 General Tickets.  However, only 1 Change, 1 Travelion, and 1 General card is full and bright.  The others are duller in color.  Plus, once you've punched the hole in the card, you're done.  There are a batch of blank cards for you to use or make copies, but still.

I purchased this changer from Toys N Joys for about $45 when you add in shipping.

Really, if you're a Sentai Changer collector, then yeah you'd want this.  However, I'm really hoping Bandai America takes the hole punch feature out, and puts in a Card Scan Feature, thus improving this Changer.  

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