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Riding Valkyrion




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For those not fully informed on Magiranger terms, I'll use just US terms to explain the following.  The Deluxe Wolkaiser is, what might be called The Wolf King Megazord.  I say MIGHT, because in a recent interview, a Bandai America Representative said they were considering NOT releasing a Deluxe sized Wolf King Megazord, because on the show, it is evil.  I believe this tactic has more to do with Bandai believing that things dealing with villains don't sell well.  Either way I wanted to be safe, so I purchased this Deluxe Wolkaiser on eBay for $90, yes you read correct $90.

This Mecha is great.  The Wolzard figure isn't great for just a normal action figure, but for use as a mecha, is works fine.  Valkyrion looks wonderful with its black and gold colors.  All three modes of the toy look great.  Though, of course, Wolkaiser looks the best.  

An added plus to this toy, is that it can also combine with the MagiPhoenix (Mystic Phoenix) to form the Firekaiser.  In Firekaiser form, this mecha looks astounding, especially if you stand it next to Steedergon Fury Megazord.      

Overall, I highly recommend this Magiranger Mecha to any collector, since the average customer isn't going to fork out almost $100 for one toy.  If Bandai America does release a Deluxe Wolf King Megazord, I will still purchase it as well.

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