Toys R Us Exclusive
Deluxe Travelion with 
Golden Grip Phone
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Coal Car

Passenger Cars

Train Mode

Robo Mode

Robo Mode with Cannon Barrel Open

Destruction Fire Trains

Travelion with 
Destruction Fire Trains Ready to Launch


Golden Grip Phone
Box Front & Back

Golden Grip Phone Packaging

Golden Grip Phone

Change, Travelion, & Barrier Cards

Fashion, Memory, and Flash Cards

Joint Card


Travelion & Golden Grip Phone

Linear Review
Well, seeing as how I've become a full blow Sentai Changer Collector, I couldn't not get the Toys R Us Exclusive Deluxe Travelion.  So I guess I should separate this review into two parts.

Let's start with the Deluxe Travelion.  Okay, I've always been a fan of Train Styled Mechas, and this one does not disappoint.  Travelion is made up of the Engine, Coal Car, and then four passenger cars.  The Engine has the lights and sounds for the toy.  The light isn't anything special, but the sounds are good.  In Train Mode Travelion looks very impressive.  The transformation process to make the Robo form is very easy.  Plus, it stands at the same height as all other DX Magiranger Mechas.  The two train missiles are a nice touch as well.  I really expected this Mecha to be a bit on the bulky side, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that really he looks more muscular and powerful.  

Now we move to the Golden Grip Phone.  Now while I was very disappointed in the normal Grip Phone, this one won me over completely.  First off, the gold paint on this Grip Phone is astounding and very pleasing to the eyes.  Second, and most importantly, this Golden Grip Phone actually has a Spell System like the other Magiranger Phone Changers.  Plus, this version comes with a wider variety of Magi Tickets to punch (though I won't be ruining them by punching holes in any of them).

Overall, I highly recommend this Toys R Us Magiranger Exclusive to any Sentai Collector.  The Travelion is really a great addition to the mecha team, and the Golden Grip Phone is everything that the normal Grip Phone should have been.

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