Magi Scratch Lamp
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Linear Review
The Scratch Lamp is the weapon used by MagiShine in Magiranger.  I decided to go ahead and purchase this Japanese Weapon, for fear that Bandai America might not release a US version of it.  The Lamp is simple, yet cool.  

The weapon has two different modes, Lamp & Blaster.  In Lamp Mode, when you turn the gray spinner, Smokey (aka Jenji) pops up from the lamp, and you then proceed to play a game.  Smokey will give you a number (in Japanese of course) and you have to rub the spinner that number of times.  After successfully doing this nine times, you win the game.

The other mode is Blaster Mode, the main weapon mode of the toy.  You simply push Smokey back into the lamp, pull the barrel part of the weapon out, and move the handle down.  In Blaster Mode, you rub the spinner up to seven times, pull the trigger and a firing sound is made.  If you rub the lamp six or less times, it loads that many laser fires into the lamp.  But with seven rubs, the lamp is ready to launch a powerful firing sound.  Also, with each sound, the tip of the lid of the lamp lights up red.

Overall, I'd recommend this weapon for any Sentai Collector.  Granted it is simplistic in its design, but that is part of the enjoyment of it.

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