Magi Dialrod
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The Dialrod is, well in American terms, the Mystic Lion Staff.  I decided to purchase this Magiranger weapon, after learning that the US Mystic Lion Staff would not have the "Dial" feature.  I have to say I'm happy with my decision.  

The Dialrod measures about 19 inches long.  The Lion's eyes and Mouth area light up with the press of the button on the back.  Plus, the rod has the five codes from Magiranger.

Code 1:  For Individual Ranger Attacks
Code 2:  For United Ranger Attack
Code 3:  Magi Firebird
Code 4:  Magi Lion
Code 5:  MagiLegend

After you "dial in" the code, the Magi Spell is said.  You then press the button on the back of the staff to activate the sound for it.  

Overall, I'd recommend this weapon for any Sentai Collector.  It is another simple Magiranger weapon, but you really don't have to make things complicated for them to be enjoyable.  Oh, and for anyone wondering, I purchased this Magiranger toy from CS Toy Imports, and I HIGHLY recommend them.

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