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Ah, let the Mystic Force collection officially begin.  As seems to be my tradition, I always seem to get either the Morpher or the Megazord to start each season's collection.  So here we have the Mystic Morpher.  Now I must admit I had high hopes for this morpher, after reading, on Rangerboard, the features it had.  

The good points of the Morpher are that Bandai America put in a new rubber number pad.  So this numerical pad should not dry out and begin cracking.  Plus, Bandai America actually took the time to put in its own unique Power Rangers Mystic Spells and Words into the Morpher.  Depending on what numbers you enter, you get a different sound.  For example 1-2-3 & Enter gets you "Galwit Mysto Ranger" and the morph sound.

However, there are bad points of the toy as well.  For one, again Bandai America shrunk this morpher a fair amount from it's start as the Magiphone.  I know real cell phones are getting smaller and smaller every year, but this is no excuse.  Secondly, there are no individual Ranger icons to place into the Morpher.  This means that all there is, is the Red Ranger emblem that is on the number pad.  Plus, the volume of the toy is difficult to hear, unless you have a quite room, or you place the toy near your ear.  There's only one light, on the Red Ranger emblem area, but that's not that bad.

Over all, I have mixed emotions on this Morpher.  I like the new number pad and the Mystic Force Spells, but still the shrinking of the toy hurts the fun of it a tad.  I say if you don't care that much about the differences, then get the Mystic Morpher.  But if you are a die hard serious collector, you may want to pick up a Magiphone online.

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