Power Rangers Mystic Force
Magi Staff
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Box Front & Back


Magi Staff with 
no attached Icons


Magi Staff Modes
Wand Mode Sword Mode Axe Mode Crossbow Mode


Ranger Icons Holster


Linear Review
The first Mystic Force Weapon, the Magi Staff.  Now for this toy, I did not have high expectations, but I'm glad I was proven wrong.  

To start with, I thought this weapon would be extremely small, but when in Sword Mode, the Magi Staff is close to twenty inches long.  Granted that isn't a great length, but still, it's not that bad either.  Three of the four modes look impressive.  The Axe Mode is the only one that doesn't look that great.  However, morphing from mode to mode is simple.

The lights aren't that great, since only the Ranger Emblem Icon lights up.  Plus, there's only one sound.  But my main grief is that only the male Ranger icons are included.  No, I wouldn't attach the female icons onto the staff, but for any female Power Ranger fans, I feel it would only be fair to include them as well.  

Overall, this toy surprised me as a weapon that fits the magical theme perfectly.

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