Power Rangers Mystic Force
Steedergon Fury Megazord
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Box Front & Back


Unicorn Zord Phoenix
Titan Zord

Red Titan Zord
Riding Unicorn Zord


Steedergon Fury Megazord
Centaur Mode


Steedergon Fury Megazord
Without Weapon With Weapon


Linear Review
The Steedergon Fury Megazord is actually meant to be the third Mystic Force Megazord release, but for some reason, it's the second.  Anyway, this Megazord is great.  It features the Unicorn Zord and a Red Titan Zord with a gold chest.  Together, these two Zords can be played in three modes; Riding, Centaur, and Megazord.  

The Unicorn Zord itself is awesome.  No matter what, of the three modes, you put it in, it looks great. The Gold Chest Red Titan Zord is quite impressive.  Plus, it has more paint detail than the Titan Megazord's Red Titan Zord.  Another interesting fact, is that, from what I've read online, this Megazord is just like it's Japanese counterpart.  Meaning, that no paint was lost in the transfer.     

Overall, this Megazord is a must have.  It looks great standing next to the Titan Megazord.  All three modes of this Megazord look astounding.  I highly recommend any Ranger Fan picking up this Megazord.  

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