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The Titan Saber is Bandai America's first try at making a Megazord Roleplay Weapon, and they didn't do too bad a job..  

To start with, the saber is comprised of two swords.  The small sword, by show standards, is made of the Red Titan Zord's Sword and the Blue Titan Zord's Trident.  The large sword, again by show standards, is made up of the Green Titan Zord's Axe and the fin from the Blue Titan Zord.  

There are two different sounds on this Saber.  One is a sword clashing sound and the other is a rapid firing sound.  There is one small area that lights up, but it's nothing special.  The weapon is just about as long as the Magi Staff in Staff mode, so while it's short, it's still not bad.    

Overall, this toy has it's good and bad points.  I do give props to Bandai America for finally deciding to make a Megazord Weapon.  But the fact that the weapon is still a bit short, and can't be separated into all four weapons still hurts it some.  So I'd say if you like the Titan Megazord's Saber, or a Power Rangers Weapons Collector, get this weapon.

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