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Linear Review
Impressive, I gotta hand it to Bandai America, this is an impressive weapon.  Let's start off from the beginning.  This weapon falls under the category of "Mega Weapons" since its priced at $20.  

The first weapon is the Sword.  This sword is where all the lights and sounds are located.  The sword is about 17 inches long, so it's pretty good sized.  Only the lightning bolt area on the sword lights up.  As for sounds, it has four sounds total.  First is a sword clashing sound, for just the sword alone.  Second is Lightning/Laser sound for the Mystic Thunder Sword formation.  Then for the Mystic Saber Max Formation, there is Charge and Slash sound.  Finally, when combining any of the weapons together, a different Charge sound is heard. 

The second weapon is the Thunder Bolt.  The Bolt is 12 inches long, and only comes into use with the Mystic Thunder Sword or Mystic Saber Max forms.  

Finally the Shield.  The shield is, at its high points, 8 1/2 inches tall, and about 6 1/2 inches wide.  One downside here is that once the handle is attached to the back of the shield, I believe it will be difficult to remove it.  But that's probably just my collector way of thinking, as most of the target audience won't save the box of this toy. 

When you combine all three weapons together, the Mystic Saber Max is 17 1/2 inches long.  The handle of the shield makes it a tad hard to hold as a sword style weapon.  There is a button on the back of the shield, that you can press and it presses the button on the sword to activate the light and sound.  In the center of the shield, is the Red Clear Plastic area that lets the light from the sword shine through.  

Overall, this weapon, while most likely not being used in the show, is a good toy.  Granted I do wish the handle for the sword was a bit longer, so in Mystic Saber Max you'd have something better to hold of, but it's still very impressive.  I think Bandai America did a great job with coming up with the design of these weapons.  I highly recommend this Mega Weapon to any Ranger fan or collector.

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