Power Rangers Mystic Force
Solar Streak Megazord
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Linear Review
Ah the Solar Streak Megazord; Megazord for the Solaris Ranger.  This Megazord is comprised of six steam locomotive train cars.  The Engine, the Coal Car, and then four passenger cars.  The Engine is where all the sounds and light are located.  

In Train Mode, the Engine makes a whistle blowing sound or the sound of an old steam locomotive moving down the tracks.  Then in Megazord Mode, the sound is that of the Megazord's attack blast.    There are also the two "Train Rockets" as I call them, that you can place in the compartments of any of the passenger cars.

The paint and details on this Megazord are exactly the same as the Japanese counterpart (the Deluxe Travelion).  It stands about the same height as the other Mystic Force Megazords.

While one might expect this Megazord to be a bit on the bulky side, since the only movement it has is in its arms going either up or down; when you really look at it, the Megazord seems more muscular than bulky.  

Overall, I highly recommend this Megazord and commend Bandai America for keeping it exactly the same as the Japanese version.  Granted it doesn't have the same "magical" feel as the other Mystic Force Megazord, it still holds its own. 

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