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Solar Cell Morpher
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Solar Cell Morpher


With Dagger Blade Attached


Comparison to Magiranger Grip Phone


Linear Review
The Solar Cell Morpher; Morpher for the Solaris Ranger.  Now my expectations for this Morpher were not that high, seeing as how I wasn't that impressed with the Grip Phone from Magiranger.  However, the Solar Cell Morpher is better than the Grip Phone in some ways.  

Let's have some details first.  The Morpher itself, without the Dagger attached, is about 5 1/2 inches long.  With the Dagger, it measures close to 10 inches in length.  The Morpher only has one lit area, on the Solaris Symbol above the Key Pad.  There are three sounds that the Morpher makes.  The first is the sound of the Solar Streak Train engine shooting out a burst of steam.  This sound is made when you squeeze the main handle.  The second sound is the generic Mystic Sound, like those on the Mystic Morphers.  This is caused when you press the "M" button.  Finally, you can activate the Morph sound by holding in the handle, and then pressing the "M" button.  Besides the "M"  button, none of the buttons are real, they are just on a plain sticker sheet.  

The Dagger Blade has changed from what Bandai America originally planned for it.  You can tell that by looking at the pictures on the box itself.

Now while the Solar Cell is a bit smaller than the Grip Phone, it really isn't as drastic as with the Mystic Morpher & Magiphone.  The Dagger Blade, in my opinion, is a plus.  The Card Punch feature in the Grip Phone never seemed that interesting, so at least Bandai America tried to give this Morpher more play-ability.  I am grateful that they left out all the silly sounds the Grip Phone had.

Over all, it's a bit of a tough call, but I think the Solar Cell Morpher is just a bit better than the previous Mystic Force Morpher releases.  You can play with this Morpher for both a Morpher and a weapon.  So I'd say this Morpher is a good buy.

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