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Red Ranger with Action Dragon
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Red Ranger Riding Action Dragon (Fire Heart)

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Here we have the Action Dragon with Red Ranger.  Okay, really it's Fire Heart with the Red Ranger with Legend Armor on.  Since the Red Ranger is riding Fire Heart, this toy is technically considered a "vehicle" toy.  

This is a pretty good toy, with just a couple of downsides.  The first being that Bandai America left off a fair amount of paint from this figure, when you look at the picture on the back of the box.  Second, the Red Ranger figures is permanently attached to the dragon.  But this toy still looks great.  It stands about 6 1/2 inches tall.  You can move the dragon tail up and down, thus making the Red Ranger's right arm move in staff swinging motion.  

Finally, this toy comes with  a Mystic Force DVD, that have the episode "Rock Solid" on it.

Overall, this toy is good for anyone wanting to have anything relating to Fire Heart or the Battlizer this year.  Plus, it does still look cool.

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