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Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs
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Box Front & Back

Dragon Staff
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Dragon Staff Handle

Dragon Staff
Blaster Mode

Orb Staff Closed

Orb Staff Extended

Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs


Linear Review
The Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs are the weapons of the Dragon Fire Ranger (Red Ranger's Battlized Mode).  These two weapons are very cool in looks and features.

Let's start with the Dragon Staff.  The weapon is 15 1/2 inches long.  This staff can be used as either a staff, or a blaster.  In Staff Mode, when you pull the trigger, a mystical boomerang like sound occurs, and the red orb lights up.  When the handle to the staff is attached, an attachment sound is activated.  Finally, when the trigger is pressed in Blaster Mode, a firing sound is let out and the orb lights up again.

The Orb Staff, which is most likely a magical wand weapon, is about 16 inches (when fully extended.  You can start the Orb Staff out in it's closed mode, then by flicking it outward, the wand extends out.  

Overall, these weapons are very impressive.  My appreciation goes to Bandai America for making more "Battlizer Centered" toys.  The sounds and size of these toys add to the enjoyment of them.  I highly recommend this set for any Power Rangers fan.

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