Power Rangers Mystic Force
Mystic Saber Max Fury Edition
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Box Front & Back
(Yes the box packaging is EXACTLY the same)




Thunder Bolt


Mystic Thunder Sword


Shield Front & Shield Back


Mystic Saber Max Fury Edition



Linear Review
Well, this was a surprise.  I wasn't expecting to see a "Fury Edition" of the Mystic Saber Max, but we got one.  This review will not be that long, because everything, besides the paint, is exactly the same as the normal Mystic Saber Max.  All the sizes, sounds, lights and all are the same.  Bandai America just decided to give this a "Fury Edition" repaint.  And for those of you that have been reading my reviews for a while, you should know by know, I'm a sucker for repaints.

Overall, repaint is cool enough.  I'd say if you like the normal Mystic Saber Max, you'll probably enjoy this repaint, if you like repaints like I do.  If I had to pick one over the other, I'd probably say go with the Fury Edition.  But then I am biased for Red and Black.

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