Power Rangers Mystic Force
Mystic Lion Staff
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Mystic Lion Staff


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Mystic Lion Staff
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Linear Review
Viewers, I give you the Mystic Lion Staff.  Gotta admit that Bandai America really did try with this weapon.  So let's get to the details.

First off, this weapon is much bigger than its Japanese counterpart.  The Mystic Lion Staff is a full 26 inches long, thus giving a more full staff feel to the weapon.  The top of the staff has a good amount of weight to it, since it houses the disc launcher.  However, one downside to this weapon, is that there is no dial feature to the staff, thus taking away from it being just like the show.

Now let's talk about the "Voice Activated" disc launching.  Okay, while I give Bandai America a good amount of credit for adding the Crossbow Mode to the Mystic Lion Staff, (Since Chip will use his this way on the show), the Disc Launching feature really wasn't that necessary.  

The way you fire the discs is this.  Press the button the change to Crossbow Mode, hold down the microphone button, and speak into the microphone area on the staff.  Now this is where I have to speak to the adults.  Bandai America says that children need to be within six inches of the microphone for it to work.   Well, let's just say at even at six inches, sometimes the microphone may not pick up the noise.  What I'm saying is this, the children may end up having to YELL into microphone.  So, for those that might be buying this for a Christmas gift later this year, you may want  to sleep in Christmas morning with earplugs in your ears, otherwise you might wake up to the kids yelling "FIRE!" and probably scare you pretty good.

The discs themselves fire a good distance, though not with force to do harm to anyone or anything.  

Overall, it really is a tough call.  Bandai America did great with making the staff longer and including the crossbow mode.  However, the disc shooting in place of the Dial Feature I think was a mistake.  Plus, if Bandai America would have kept the "Gold" paint a deeper gold, instead of yellow gold, it would have helped.  But I still gotta give this weapon high ranks, because with it being bigger, it does have a better weapon type feel to it.  And, okay the Disc Shooting is a bit entertaining.

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