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Wolf King Mystic Saber
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Wolf King Mystic Saber


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Not much for this review.  Here we have a basic Bandai America Soft Attack Weapon.  Now, for reasons beyond my knowledge, they've decided on calling this the "Wolf Kind Mystic Saber".  What is really is, wait, spoilers follow this, so if you don't wanna know, leave now.  Okay, this weapon is Koragg's Sword, only the Good version.  Yes, when Leanbow returns and turns good, his Knight Wolf Armor is turned Red, including his sword.  This is what that is.

The Saber is about 21 1/2 inches long, and of course made of soft foam.  There is also a generic Holster that comes with the weapon, though I didn't take a picture of it, you can still see in in the packaging picture. 

Overall, I'd say if you like Koragg's Sword, and want the "Good" Red Version, this will probably satisfy you.

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