Power Rangers Mystic Force
Manticore Megazord
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Box Front & Back


Mystic Firebird

Mystic Lion

Auto Morphin Mat

Mystic Firebird & Mystic Lion
Ready to Combine 

Mystic Firebird & Mystic Lion

Manticore Megazord

Manticore Megazord
with Legend Striker


Linear Review
Continuing with the Toys R Us Exclusives, the Manticore Megazord can only found at your local Toys R Us store.  I have to admit, I did not have very high expectations for this Megazord.  For those fans old enough to remember, the Time Force Deluxe Q-Rex was an "Auto Morphin" Megazord as well, and it was HUGE.  Plus, the "Auto Morphin" feature took a lot of the playability out of it.  So, since I knew this Megazord was going to be "Auto Morphin" I did not think it'd be too great.  But thankfully, I was proven wrong.

The Manticore comes with, of course, the Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion.  The Firebird's wings have a wingspan of thirteen inches.  The Lion has all the mechanical pieces to it.  To morph these two Zords together, you set them in place on the Mat that is provided.  Once they are in their places, switch the Lion's switch down to "B" and watch as he runs to the Firebird.  When they connect, via magnets, the Lion raises up and the morphing begins.  However, not all the morphing is done for you, which to me leaves some playability to the owner.  You still have to move the arms down, switch from claws to fists, and bring the Legend Striker into play.

Speaking of the Legend Striker, another fun aspect of this Megazord, is that the weapon actually can spin.  Once you place the Striker's holder into the Megazord's right hand, place the end of the staff near the right foot, and flip the switch.  The Striker will then spin in place.  

The Megazord stands just about as tall as the other Mystic Force Megazord, thus keeping it in good scale.  Some spots paint has been left from its Japanese counterpart, but they are not extremely noticeable.  

Overall, I am very pleased with this Megazord.  Back in 2001 with the Q-Rex, it was much taller than the other Megazords, and the owner did nothing besides press buttons to play with it.  However, with the Manticore, you still have to put the Zords in place, finish morphing the arms and fists, and put the Legend Striker into place.  Not to mention with it being to scale with the other Mystic Force Megazords, it makes for a great piece.  I highly recommend this for any and all Mystic Force fans and collectors.

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Oh, and a side note, you can also have the Mystic Phoenix from the Titan Megazord ride on the Mystic Lion.  I'll soon have a separate gallery showing that, and various other Megazord formations.