Power Rangers Mystic Force
Fierce Dragon Morpher
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Fierce Dragon Morpher


Complete Dragon Blade Attached


Comparison to Solar Cell Morpher


Morpher with Blades Switched


Complete Mystic Force Battlizer Collection


Linear Review
The final Morpher in the Mystic Force assortment, the Fierce Dragon Morpher.  Or you can also call it the Battlizer Device for Mystic Force.

There really isn't much of review to do to this morpher, simply because it is the Solar Cell Morpher, only painted red and given a new Dragon Blade.  One big flaw with this morpher is the fact that Bandai America left the Solar Cell Morpher sounds in this morpher, instead of putting different ones in.  So instead of any Dragon like sounds, you still have Train Sounds for the Fierce Dragon Morpher.  With the Dragon Blade attached, the Morpher measures to about 10 3/4 inches long.  

Overall, it's hard to decide with the Fierce Dragon Morpher.  In some ways the morpher does look good.  But then you also look at it as, well, its a red Solar Cell Morpher.  It really would have helped had the sounds been different in this morpher.  Really, if you like the Battlizer this year, or want to have a complete Mystic Force Morpher collection, I'd say go ahead and buy I.  Personally, I'm not that disappointed in buying this morpher, but then I do enjoy repaints, and I'm a collector.

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