Power Rangers Mystic Force
Xtreme Dragon
Red Version
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Red Xtreme Dragon

Red Xtreme Dragon with Fire Ball

Extra Red Ranger Figure

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For young fans, this is just a "new" dragon toy made for the Mystic Force line, but will not appear in the show.  However, for the older fans, you'll probably recognize this as the Dragon from Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog; Pyre the Dragon of Dare.  

The Dragon really is massive, measuring about 15 1/2 inches from nose to tail, and close to 9 inches tall at the tip of its wings.  It can fire the fireball missile out of its mouth.  Plus, Bandai America gives you a Red Ranger figure, one that looks like it first came with the ATVs.  There is also a Green Xtreme Dragon, but I just wanted this Red Version.

Overall, this is a cool toy for anyone with a good imagination.  Really, Bandai America should have done the Fire Heart toy in this size.  So I'd say if you like Dragons, you'll probably enjoy this toy.

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