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#1.  "The Road to Corinth"
Premiered on March 7, 2009
     Everyone on Earth is forced into the domed city of Corinth, for it was their last safe haven.  Well, everyone except a mysterious stranger known only as Dillon.  Now Dillon and Ziggy have to make their way into Corinth City.

#2.  "Fade to Black"
Premiered on March 7, 2009
     Dillon & Ziggy made it inside, but so did some of Venjix's forces.  Now the Power Rangers RPM have to deal with the attacking forces.  The two new members of the city are arrested when Dillon is found to have internal Venjix Hardware.  But with Venjix growing stronger, who can the Rangers choose to activate Series Black.

#3.  "Rain"
Premiered on March 14, 2009
     Dillion is given the chance to become the Black Ranger, but even after he passes all the tests, he himself still doesn't want to.  After realizing he can protect others with the power he accepts the role, but he still has some obstacles to overcome.

#4.  "Go For the Green"
Premiered on March 21, 2009
     Ziggy tries to help the team out by holding auditions to fill the Green Ranger suit.  However, after his "perfect" candidate turns out to be Vejix's newest evil soldier, Ziggy is forced to take on the Green Ranger powers himself, in order to keep them from evil.

#5.  "Handshake"
Premiered on March 28, 2009
     Dillon starts to have trust issues with Doctor K, since no one has seen him, but he is the one giving all the orders.  Meanwhile, Tenaya 7 has to prove herself worthy, after her failure to obtain the Green Ranger Morpher.

#6.  "Ranger Green"
Premiered on April 4, 2009
     When Ziggy accidentally transports himself into a Corinth Bank Fault, he ends up and jail.  We soon learn that while Ziggy actually once wanted to work for the Scorpion Cartel, he didn't have the heart of a bad guy to do it.

#7.  "Ranger Red"
Premiered on April 11, 2009
     The Rangers need to activate the Croc Carrier Zord, but in order to do that, they need a reactor that can't be found in the city.  Scott takes it upon himself to go outside the city, & get the reactor that was installed in his brother's fight jet.

#8.  "Ranger Yellow Part I"
Premiered on April 18, 2009
     When Summer's snobby parents show up, they demand that she quits "pretending" to be a Power Ranger, and return to her normal life.

#9.  "Ranger Yellow Part II"
Premiered on April 25, 2009
     Summer's parents insist on Summer marrying another rich family, and they refuse to give up the Landsdown Diamond for protection, unless Summer agrees.  Meanwhile Tenaya 7 is still bent on stealing the diamond.

#10.  "Ranger Blue"
Premiered on May 2, 2009
     The newest Attack Bot is out to causing a volcanic eruption inside the city of Corinth.  Meanwhile, a malfunction with the Blue Ranger's Bio-Energy Field Attack causes him to be unable to Morph.

#11.  "Doctor K"
Premiering on May 9, 2009
     With the Venjix technology becoming more powerful, the stress starts to get to Doctor K.  She flashes back to her past and we learn how not only the Ranger technology came to be, but the Venjix virus as well.

#12.  "Blitz"
Premiered on May 16, 2009
     After having a dream of his past, Dillon realizes that the Sat Bot was the one that took all his memories.  So when the Rangers have to face off against the Sat Bot, Dillon is torn between fighting for his memories, and fighting for the safety of Corinth.

#13.  "Brother's Keeper"
Premiered on May 23, 2009
     When Venjix begins to gain more control over Dillon, it's up to the rest of the team to help him.

#14.  "Embodied"
Premiered on June 13, 2009
     Seeking answers to Dillon's past, the rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers. They fall right into a Venjix trap and come face to face with Venjix himself. A mysterious duo come to the rescue and stop Venjix from destroying the rangers.

#15.  "Ghosts"
Premiered on June 20, 2009
     Still on the search for answers to Dillon's past, Dr. K figures out that Venjix has sent them on a wild goose chase. Before she can warn them they walk right into an ambush. Good thing the mysterious rangers from before show up in time to give them a helping hand. The Falcon and Tiger Ranger reveal themselves as Gem and Gemma.

#16.  "In or Out"
Premiered on July 4, 2009
     Scott decides to join Gem and Gemma in a more offensive approach in the battle against Venjix. Colonel Truman defaults to his usual defend the city tactics and ends up trapping everyone inside while a Venjix bot sucks all the air out of the city. The remaining rangers make a deadly escape from Corinth and regroup with Scott in order to save the city.

#17.  "Prisoners"
Premiered on July 11, 2009
     Gem & Gemma plan on destroying a factory they were held at as prisoners to work for Venjix. Their plans change when Dillon finds out that his sister might be a prisoner there. Sneaking into the factory, Dillon downloads information and searches for his sister. His search is cut short when he has to return to help his friends stop the latest Venjix bot designed to destroy the Rangers.

#18.  "Belly of the Beast"
Premiered on August 1, 2009
     The rangers must return to the factory and destroy the Venjix Doomsday Bot that is being built. Dillon attempts to find his sister before it's too late. Dr. K sends Gem & Gemma on a secret mission to reprogram the Doom Bot enabling it to fuse with the ranger Zords and create a new Megazord formation.

#19.  "Three's a Crowd"
Premiered on August 8, 2009
Gem & Gemma's "blow things up and ask questions later" motto is getting quite out of hand. They follow a trail they think might lead to the Venjix Palace and end up walking right into a trap. They learn to work together with the other rangers as a team and in turn form a new Megazord configuration.

#20.  "Heroes Among Us"
Premiered on August 15, 2009
     In an effort to impress his father, Scott makes a reckless trip out to the wasteland. He and Gem stumble upon human prisoners and their field trip turns into a rescue mission. Venjix test drives his new and improved robotic form. His new body doesn’t hold very well against rangers.

#21.  "Not So Simple"
Premiered on August 22, 2009
For the first time, Gem and Gemma split up on something. Gemma believes in what Flynn can do. Together they work on a wheelzord on the side. With all their resources used up, Dr. K has to trust the untested technology and they use it to destroy the latest attack bot.

#22.  "The Dome Dolls"
Premiered on September 5, 2009
     When an Attack Bot puts all of Corinth’s men to sleep, it is up to the girls to suit up and defend Corinth. Summer empowers and takes up the lead. Together with Gemma, Dr. K, Vasquez & other women of Corinth, they thwart Venjix plans.

#23.  "And... Action!"
Premiered on September 12, 2009
     For the first time ever join Ziggy as he takes you behind the scenes of Power Rangers. See how explosions and stunts are really done. As well as the funny moments that don’t make it into the episode, but keep the Power Ranger set a lively place to work as a ranger.

#24.  "Ancient History"
Premiered on September 19, 2009
     Untested technology is found in an Alphabet Soup dumping ground. Truman tries to keep the technology from Venjix but instead stumbles upon a video log that pins Dr. K responsible for the start of Venjix. Truman wants to arrest Dr. K. But if he does, she won’t be able to help the rangers with the dangerous Paleomax technology.

#25.  "Key to the Past"
Premiered on September 26, 2009
     It dawns on Dillon that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song. It’s the same song that Tenaya 7 sings! Tenaya 7 is hit by memories of her past. She does some investigating on her own and finds out what really happened to her.

#26.  "Beyond a Doubt"
Premiered on September 26, 2009
     Tenaya 7 and Dillon go to Venjix palace to retrieve codes to stop an attack bot.  Dillon is left wondering which side she is on when she turns him in to Venjix.  With the stolen codes, Dr. K is able to configure the RPM Ultrazord.  Kilobyte captures Tenaya 7 before she can reunite with our heroes.

#27.  "Control - Alt - Delete"
Premiered on October 3, 2009
Dillon’s search for Tenaya is put on hold when Scott is in trouble. Scott was shot with a key that allows Shifter to control him. The rangers do their best to save their leader when they come face to face with Tenaya 15. She has been reprogrammed with one mission; Serve Venjix.

#28.  "Run Ziggy Run"
Premiered on October 3, 2009
     It’s time for Ziggy to payback the 5 million he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya 15 makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. Instead she double crosses Fresno Bob and Ziggy ends up saving him. The rangers deploy Dr. K’s Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot. Fresno Bob and Ziggy are now even.

#29.  "If Venjix Won"
Premiered on December 19, 2009
Ziggy accidentally teleports him and Dr. K into a cave! The rangers need to find out the password to Dr. K’s system in order to get them out of the cave. Their failed attempts trigger a time capsule video that Dr. K compiled should they fail to destroy Venjix. The rangers watch in horror as they figure out what the password might be before its too late.

#30.  "End Game"
Premiered on December 19, 2009
Venjix’s end game is about to reveal itself. Every attack bot has been a calculating step closer to his plan. The city is filled with hybrids just like Dillon. Venjix is going to activate them all and Corinth will be brought down.

#31.  "Danger and Destiny Part I"
Premiered on December 26, 2009
The magnetic blast goes off and all electricity goes out in Corinth. Venjix activates the hybrids and the city is his. The rangers battle an attack bot but they keep losing rangers. Venjix deletes Gem & Gemma. Dillon struggles with being activated as a hybrid. And Ziggy runs to save Dr. K. This may be the end of Corinth.

#32.  "Danger and Destiny Part II"
Premiered on December 26, 2009
In order to defeat Venjix, another virus will have to be inserted into his system. The rangers have Tenaya walk back into enemy lines to insert the virus. Meanwhile the rangers have to hold up against Venjix in a fight. Dr. K is able to reverse Venjix’s deletion of the Gold & Silver Rangers. Reunited they attack Venjix in his weakened state. Venjix is defeated and the war is over.

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