Project Go-Onger (Ground Outdoor Operational Network General-Purpose Explorational Rover) is a Multi terrain surveillance and attack vehicle.  Colonel Truman personally oversaw its design & construction at the Brighten Installation located 2 miles underneath the Nevada Desert .  It is also Colonel Truman's most prized possession.

When the Rangers needed to journey outside of the city & into the wastelands, Scott got the vehicle from his father.  The Rangers used to the vehicle to transport themselves to Omega City, in hopes of finding out more of Dillon's past.  However, once they realized it was a trap, and were making their way home, the Dyna Bot struck.  The bot had placed a explosive device on the back of the transport, and when it went out, it caused the vehicle to go out of control.

The Rangers managed to escape Project Go-Onger, however the transport itself was sent over a cliff and was destroyed.

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