Unnamed Attack Bot #2

The Attack Bot entered the city with Tenaya 7, the Generals and Grinders.  His job was to dig into one of the two main fault lines that Corinth City sits on.  While Tenaya & the others kept the Rangers busy, the bot was able to drill into the first fault line.  The lava he drilled out from the earth then allowed him to grow giant size.

As he was about to start drilling into the second fault line, the Black & Green Rangers tried to stop him with their ValveMax Megazord.  However, the bot was too strong and fired some of the lava at the Megazord.  As hard as the ValveMax tried to fight, the Attack Bot was stronger.  Luckily the other Rangers showed up just in time with the High Octane Megazord.  Thanks to the Super Saber attack, the Attack Bot was destroyed.

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